Trade & International Banking

State Bank of India Chicago offers the full range of Trade and International Banking products and services and specializes in India related trade and financing transactions. Synergy of the SBI Group and its specialized subsidiaries make State Bank of India, Chicago the ideal partner for your India Related business.

With own offices and correspondents at almost all major centers of the world, we can handle your Trade and International transactions with speed, efficiency and a professional touch.

Letters of Credit (LCs)

  • Establish Letter of Credit for your Import needs
  • Advising Letter of Credit established In your favor
  • Confirming Letter of Credit established in your favor

Stand by Letter of Credit/Bank Guarantees 

  • Establish Stand by Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantees for your Import needs
  • Advising Stand by Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantees established In your favor

Export Trade Credit

  • Negotiation of Bills drawn under Letter of Credit.
  • Discount of Bills drawn under Letter of Credit.

Import Trade Credit

  • Financing of cross border imports

Commercial LC Application

Enclosure to LC Application

Standby LC Application

Issuing of Goods Release Order

Assignment of Proceeds under L/Cs

Click here for Service Charges schedule for Trade Transactions.

These are indicative products/services on offer. Please call us for customizing them to suit your requirements. All our products and service offerings are subject to compliance of Regulatory Guidelines in force.

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